Dusting off: Back after a long break


Hey everyone! We are back! After an amazing rollercoster of motherhood that engulfed me completely, I am now back with a bang. Many things happened over these months and all were nothing but positive insights that I got about myself. I hope to bring all my experiences in the 4 years that my munchkin will soon complete! Look out for ...

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New Pampers premium care diapers – Now in India!


When I attended WIN15 event by Blogadda, the main attraction was the pampers event! I mean who wouldn’t want to know all about diapers – we live them every minute through our babies. Pampers brings the #SoftestForBabySkin premium diapers in India – finally! Selected few mommy bloggers and other parenting/lifestyle bloggers were invited by Pampers to this exclusive event. TO ...

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#WIN15 by BlogAdda – Reflections


Bloggers blog and why? To reach out! And prayers are answered when you get an invite to attend an awesome event for the blogging industry. I was fortunate to be invited to be a part of the most rocking blogging event – WIN15 by BlogAdda. It is really nice to see an event where we can meet bloggers spread across ...

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Top 10 baby shower gifts every would-be mommy would love to own!

Image Courtesy- Phaendin

Baby shower is one word which brings a huge smile on my face, and so does baby shower gifts. I mean what’s not to love about it- your friends and family get together to plan a surprise party for you, good food, fun games, blessings and tips. Best part is you need not do anything much other than turning up ...

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Why my toddler whines more with mom and is calmer otherwise?


My daughter goes to playgroup. How does a day of a mother who’s child, especially toddlers, goes to school of any kind look like? Imagine you woke up with the most pleasant smile only to realize that someone is giving you grumpy looks from the other side of the bed. And, before you can transform that grump into a smile, ...

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Shopping list for Newborn baby products to buy – What you need to stop overbuying!

Image Courtesy- David Castillo Dominici

As you guys might be knowing by now that I am a self-confessed shopaholic. ! I can shop at the drop of a hat. So becoming pregnant with my first baby was yet another chance for me to shop without a second thought. Why would I spare any expense when I am searching for newborn baby products to buy! I ...

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12 easy recipes for 1 year old baby that are simple to make and yummy too!

Image Courtesy-  David Castillo Dominici

Feeding kids can be a very tricky job, and finding recipes for 1 year old baby, even trickier. Particularly hard when you have a fussy eater at hand. Add to that the mammoth task of deciding the day to day menu and you are at your wit’s end.  Through my experiences and research, let me share with you top 12  ...

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How to treat diaper rash – and not to lose your mind while doing it!

Image Courtesy- Photostock

When I say diaper rash is evil… I mean it. Recently my baby had a severe bout of diarrhea and subsequently developed a diaper rash. Loads of tears and refusal to let me clean that area making all those pleading requests made my heart break into bits.  However when evil diaper rash strikes, you have no option but to deal ...

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Help!! My Toddler is Throwing Things All the Time- Battle of Wills or There’s More to it!

Image Courtesy - Witthaya Phonsawat

Toddlers are little people who are discovering that they have an individual personality, separate from their mother’s. They are discovering that they can function individually. When the toddlers stop crawling and begin to stand in upright position, they discover they have two hands with fingers that have AMAZING abilities – of grasping things, of banging them together and if required, ...

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Vaccination myths and facts and vaccination schedule in India for babies!


Do you remember the first time when you took your li’l one for vaccination? I remember it oh so well! My husband went inside to hold and get the baby vaccinated while I waited outside with my fingers plugging my ears so I don’t hear him cry. And at the same time, I was bawling my eyes out. The nurses ...

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